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Loose peahen wandering S.C. neighborhood after escaping twice

A peahen that escaped from her owner’s home in South Carolina was captured by a local resident — but escaped again before she could be returned home.

Ady Canady of Irmo said the peahen — a female peacock — is named Sweet Pea and escaped from her home on Saturday.

“Sweet Pea’s only run off one other time, so this was a new thing for us because the male never really ran off and we’ve never had an issue with the turkeys,” Canady told WLTX-TV.

Justina Applebee encountered Sweet Pea wandering her Friarsgate neighborhood and managed to capture the bird with help from her neighbor, Tim.

Canady encountered Applebee’s Facebook post about the found pet late Monday morning, but Sweet Pea had already escaped earlier in the day when Tim attempted to take her to a fowl sanctuary.